Riar Legal attorneys have extensive experience in assisting their clients in preparing and filing their application and preparing for and accompanying applicants to their interviews. Our attorneys advise as to whether there are any issues that require attention or may cause a problem in the process of becoming a citizen. Our immigration practice team members are aware of the intricate details involved in filing the application and evaluating eligibility requirements, are eligible to apply for Citizenship, or if the applicant is married to an Indian citizen.

To qualify for citizenship, an applicant must first meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have India lawful permanent resident status for at least ten years
  • Be a person of good moral character
  • Have continuously resided in the India. as a lawful permanent resident for at least one years prior to applying for citizenship, and continuously reside in the India from the time of filing the application until the time of admission to citizenship
  • Physically present in the India for an aggregate period of at least ten years immediately preceding the filing of the application
  • Live within the state with jurisdiction over the applicants place of residence for at least one year prior to the date of filing the application
  • Read, write and speak English
  • Basic knowledge of India history and government

There are certain waivers and/or exceptions to one or more of the above eligibility requirements

An applicant who obtained permanent resident status through marriage to an Indian citizen needs to hold such status for two years and must still meet all of the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

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