No-profit organizations

Riar Legal has strong experience with nonprofit organizations of all types, particularly with large and complex nonprofits with sophisticated business needs. Our clients include a wide variety of nonprofits such as business leagues and trade associations, hospitals and other healthcare organizations, elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, religious organizations, and community and social service organizations. We regularly work with nonprofits to comply with central and state law requirements, preserve their tax-exempt status, and undertake a wide variety of business transactions.

Once a nonprofit organization is established, our team can assist with governance issues, board recruitment, and other strategic issues. We also advise on director and volunteer liability and indemnification, executive compensation; unrelated business income taxes; engaging in international activities and transactions; real estate transactions; fiscal sponsorship and affiliation agreements; nonprofit and for-profit subsidiaries; lobbying and advocacy issues; and many other complex transactions and activities. With offices in throught India, we are also able to assist charities and other nonprofit organizations navigate regulatory issues.

Our team can explain the legal implications of various fundraising practices, prospect research, solicitation, and volunteer recruitment. We can create planned giving programs, donor agreements, donor-advised funds, and help nonprofits with risk and crisis management programs.

Our nonprofit organizations' practice consults on audits and appeals, obtains tax rulings, represents organizations in federal and state tax litigation, and obtains exemptions for state and local property taxes, sales tax, and federal unemployment tax.

Riar Legal attorneys are dedicated to service to our communities and serve on many nonprofit boards. From their experience working directly with the organizations that assist their communities, Riar Legal attorneys have developed an intimate understanding of both the practical and legal issues nonprofit organizations face, and how to deliver legal services to those organizations both effectively and efficiently.

Our nonprofit organization attorneys regularly present continuing education programs for attorneys, accountants, and other professionals who serve nonprofit organizations, and also speak directly at client and nonprofit association conferences. Riar Legal attorneys have served on the state bar nonprofit corporations committee and worked on drafting legislative changes and testifying before the legislature on revisions to nonprofit corporation law.

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