Public Private Partnership

The Public-Private Partnerships (P3) team at Riar Legal is comprised of experienced attorneys capable of providing start-to-finish service within the P3 space. Our multifaceted team provides guidance every step of the way from project development, to the bid process, to contract negotiation, and deal completion.

Our Public-Private Partnerships lawyers represent clients in a variety of P3 matters, including:

  • Bankruptcy And Restructuring
  • Bidding Procurements
  • Complex Transactions
  • Commercial Entertainment Facilities
  • Concession Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Due Diligence And Analysis
  • Environmental Permitting And Approvals
  • Government Contracts
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Real Estate Acquisitions And Dispositions
  • Structuring Finance Agreements
  • Tax Issues And Compliance
  • Transactional, Financing, and Projects
  • Transportation And Infrastructure Projects

The Riar Legal public-private partnership lawyers work closely with other members of the firm to ensure a sophisticated breadth of legal analysis for each client’s case. Further, Riar Legal’s participation in Asia Legit, a global organization of independent member firms, enables our team to provide access to legal assistance throughout the world.

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