Non-Compete & Trade Secrets

As both local and national businesses endure the most trying economic times in over eighty years, it is imperative that business executives protect their proprietary information and client and customer relationships. Now, more than ever, competition for market share is fierce, and some businesses are resorting to simply taking their competitors market share by luring away their competitors key employees, and in turn, obtaining their competitors confidential and proprietary business information and most valued customer relationships.

Riar Global attorneys practicing in the areas of Non-Compete and Trade Secret law possess a wealth of knowledge and extensive courtroom experience in representing and counselling clients in Non-Compete, Trade Secret and other competitively sensitive business disputes. Our team of attorneys have extensive local and national experience in auditing businesses and ensuring pro-active measures are set in place to protect against information and customer theft. Riar Legal also has a litigation team ready to move at a moment’s notice when a violation occurs. Over the years, Riar Legal’s Non-Compete and Trade Secret team have counselled and successfully litigated issues and matters in many states.

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