Product Liability Litigation

Riar Legal’s product liability team takes an aggressive approach to all product liability litigation. We act as national and regional counsel for both small and large businesses in mass tort, products liability and warranty and recall actions throughout the country. We have extensive experience defending companies in a variety of products, including automotive consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, building products, and asbestos.

We work closely and directly with each client to develop the most appropriate defense strategy for their case. We match a lead attorney with a client the lead attorney consults with the client to define the scope of the matter, identifies goals and requirements, organizes the client team, and establishes operating procedures that accommodate the client’s desires. Our approach allows us to attain high levels of cost-efficiency and productivity.

Our team masters the technical aspects of each product in question and works closely with client personnel and independent engineers to develop a defense. We develop substantive familiarity with the design, engineering, and scientific principles involved, and we also work with many expert witnesses who routinely testify in product liability matters.

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